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Damage Pre-Auth Form

Damages Policy

Damages Policy

Damage Pre-Authorization Form. Upon completion of your event, there will be an inspection of the entire The Century premises. If management notates any damage to the building resulting from your event occupancy, then we will have a meeting to discuss the cost of repairing the damage. Examples of damage caused by guests could include, but not limited to: toilets clogged by foreign objects, holes through sheet rock, obsessive broken glassware, broken furniture, etc. 

The Century reserves the right to file a claim and or suit against The Host for any damages sustained as a result of the Event if the parties can not come to an agreement of damaged goods. This has never happened and would be extremely rare as The Century staff maintain a very safe environment. Damage includes, and is not limited to those damages caused by The Host and/or guests and/or any Third Parties involved, including any entity providing service to The Host or directly or indirectly resulting from the Event conducted by The Host. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all third parties on the Premises as a result of this Event, such as; vendors, bands, DJ’s, emergency medical staff, police department, fire department, and/or any other entity providing service, whether requested or not, to the Event. Damages includes physical damage to any part of The Premises, personal injury to any person attending the Event, any unpaid balances or third party vendors, and any other physical, financial, or personal damage sustained as a result of this function.

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