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Event Date
We do group dinner tastings every other month. Our tastings are between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. You may arrive anytime within those two hours on the specified date. During this tasting we will discuss the final details of your menu.
We can reserve space for the bride and groom and one guest.
What appetizer options are you interested in tasting? Select three. *
If you booked our appetizer package, then you may select up to four options to taste. Your package includes up to three options for your event, so you will need to decide between the four options you try which three options you want for your event.
If you selected the Signature Dinner Menu, please select the options you would like to taste? *
$36 Package: This menu includes a green salad, two proteins, veggies, potatoes and rolls.
Customizable Signature Dinner Substitutions. *
You can substitute any of the signature dinner options for the following.
Vegetarian Options (if needed) *
If you selected our Fresh Pasta & Salad menu, please select the options you would like to taste? *
$30 Package: This menu includes one salad option, one pasta option and veggies for your event, but you may taste anything of the items listed below.
If you selected the High Protein Dinner, please select the options you would like to taste. *
$30 Package: All items listed below are included in this package.
Did you book a late night snack? *
$10 Package: Tasting not available for late night snacks.
Did you book our dessert bar package? If so, please select the dessert bar option(s) you would like at your event. *
For The Sweet Tooth Lovers: $5 each/per guest We do not provide tastings for the dessert bar.