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Event Date
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We do group dinner tastings every other month. Our tastings are between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. You may arrive anytime within those two hours on the specified date. During this tasting we will discuss the final details of your menu.
What appetizer options are you interested in having at your event (if applicable)? Select up to three. *
Appetizers are not available for tastings. If you booked our appetizer package, then you may select up to three options Appetizers are included in the Wedding In A Box Package, A Flawless Fifteen.
If you selected the Signature Dinner (Double or Single Protein) Menu, please select the options you would like to taste? *
$32 or $38 per guest. Your dinner package includes: green salad, one veggie option, one starch option, one or two protein options and rolls.
Build your menu. You can select up to two options in the Salad, Starch, and Vegetable categories. You can select up to three options in the Protein category. *
Please keep in mind that the options that you are selecting for tasting ONLY. During your tasting appointment we will finalize the menu with you.
Vegetarian Option *
$25 Per Guest. We do NOT provide a tasting for these options. This just allows us to know if you would like to order vegetarian meals. If the bride and/or groom are requesting vegetarian meals for themselves, then we can provide a tasting for these options (up to two options).
Kids Meals *
$15 per guest. We do NOT provide tasting for this option. This just allows us to know if you would like to order kids meals.
Were you interested in doing Food Stations for Dinner or Late Night snacks?
*Tasting Not Available for these options. *If you would prefer having Food Stations instead of our Signature Dinner, then you must select at least 3 of these options.
Did you book our dessert bar package? *
We do not provide tastings for the dessert bar.