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We do the tastings for dinner and cake once a quarter. The 2019 dates are listed below. Our tastings are between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. You may arrive anytime within the hour on the specified date. During this tasting we will discuss the final details of your menu.
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Vegetarian/ Vegan /Gluten Free Option *
$32 Per Guest. We do NOT provide a tasting for these options. This just allows us to know if you would like to order these meals. If the bride and/or groom are requesting vegetarian meals for themselves, then we can provide a tasting for these options (up to two options).
Kids Meals *
$15 per guest. We do NOT provide tasting for this option. This just allows us to know if you would like to order kids meals.
We now have Mexican & Italian Cuisine. Are you interested in this dinner option instead of our Signature Dinner? *
We now offer a Mexican or Italian Cuisine at a lower price point.
Were you interested in doing Late Night snacks?
*Tasting Not Available for these options.
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We do not provide tastings for the dessert bar.