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Chef Kathy Menu

Chef Kathy Menu

Appetizer Menu: $12 per guest

*Select up to three options.

Bacon Wrapped Poppers: The KING of Jalapeno Peppers is seeded, filled with a mix of (3) cheeses and herbs and wrapped in a pepper crusted bacon.

Cocktail Meatballs: ( Sweet & Sour)   Baked Miniature Beef Cocktail Meatballs in a Tangy Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Chicken Satay: A Free Range Chicken Breast marinated and tenderly woven on a skewer. Broiled and served with a peanut sauce.

Sun-dried Tomato & Pesto Parmesan Wheels: Sheets of Puff Pastry coated in a sun-dried tomato pesto spread with fresh grated parm. Rolled and baked until pastry is perfected.

Bruschetta: Sliced Baguette lightly toasted and topped with a fresh tomato/basil salsa.

Shrimp Cocktail: Shrimp in a citrus marinade served in a specialty ice bowl with cocktail sauce.

Please keep in mind, these rates are for buffet style dinner/lunch. If you would prefer a served or plated meal service, please add $10 per guest. 

signature single protein chicken dinner: $32 per person includes:

Rolls, Salad, One Starch, One Vegetable, One Chicken Prefference

signature single protein tri tip dinner: $35 per person includes:

Rolls, Salad, One Starch, One Vegetable, Tri tip

Signature two protein dinner: $38 per person includes:

Rolls, Salad, One Starch, One Vegetable, One Chicken Prefference, Tri tip

Menu Options


**SALADS: All Salads are Pre-dressed

Caesar Salad: Cuts of Romaine, fresh baked croutons with large grated parmesan and dressed with Caesar.

Spring Mix (Dressing: Balsamic Orange Vinaigrette ): Fresh cuts of Organic baby spinach, green chard, baby kale, radicchio and green oak/lolla rosa. Topped with cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, and jicama..

Starch Options

Rice Pilaf: Sauteed and Cooked in a Seasoned Broth with garlic and herbs.

Red Rosemary Roasted Potatoes: Quarter Cuts of Red Pontiac Potato, smothered with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs, toasted until tender and crusty.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes: Mashed Russet in a Heavy Cream and Garlic butter Puree. Topped off with fresh ground spices.

Protein Options

Chardonnay Chicken: Free Range Chicken Breast baked in a Chardonnay and rich cream sauce topped with snips of green onion, garlic and mushrooms.

Chicken Picatta: Free Range Chicken Breast dredged in a seasoned flour, lightly browned and a lemony butter chicken stock, topped off with capers and baked.

Chicken Marsala: Free Range Chicken Breast Dipped in a sauteed bath of Sweet Marsala Wine and glazed garlic, onion and sliced button mushrooms with a hint of brown sugar, baked til perfection.

Roasted Tri Tip in a Beer Marinade and Spice Rub:
The Century'sFAMOUS Beer Bath Roasted Tri-Tip, is marinated and rubbed down with spices, roasted on our pit until rare, wrapped and finished off in a hot oven until tender.

Vegetable Options

Steamed Broccoli: Broccoli Florets Steamed in a Rich Butter Bath and seasoned with sea salt.

Bacon Green Beans:  Fresh String Beans sauteed and served with Bacon pieces .

Roasted Vegetable Medley: Roasted Fresh Seasonal Vegetables with a spray of Butter and seasoned salt until Al`dente.

VEGETARIAN/vegan/gluten free OPTIONS: ($32 per guest)

 Eggplant & Tofu Curry: Eggplant, tofu and mixed veggies in a curry sauce served over a bed of jasmine rice.


Kids Meal Option ($15 per child)

Chicken Tenders served with french fries and ketchup.

mexican cuisine

Tier 1: Mexican Fiesta ($26/guest)
- (1) entree ( chicken enchilada)
- (1) spanish rice
-Refried beans
-Served with (2) corn tortillas

Tier 2: Add a pork selection (add $3/guest)
-Pork carnitas OR pork chili verde

Tier 3: Add a beef selection (add $4.50/guest)
-Sliced marinated steak

Add chips and salsa for $5 per person (comes with red and green salsa)

italian cuisine

Tier 1: Little Italy ($26/guest)
-Choice of (1) entree (spaghetti with meat sauce OR red lasagna)
-Roll with butter

Tier 2: Add vegetables (add $2/guest)
-Fresh sauteed vegetables

Tier 3: Add chicken breast (add $3/guest)
-Grilled chicken

food bars: Price per person

Mac & Cheese Bar: (3) Styles of Mac & Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream, Green Onions, Cheddar, Bechamel, Ground Crackers, Seasoned Croutons $7 per person

Hot Dog Bar: Choice of (1) Beef, Pork, Chicken or Turkey DOg, Chili, Cheese, Onions, Tomatoes, Sour Kraut, Bacon, Sour Cream, Jalaenos, Cheese $7 per person

Farmer’s Market Bar: Assorted cheeses, crackers, meats, pickles, olives, nuts, veggies and fruits $18 per person


Desserts are offered with 2-3 items per guest.

Doughnut Bar - $6 per person
Variety of your favorite doughnuts displayed with style or on one of our popular doughnut walls.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar - $12 per person
Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry options of ice cream served with toppings of: oreos, reeses, nuts, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate, sprinkles, and cherries

Mini Bundt Cakes - $6 per person (Choose 3 flavors)
Flavors to choose from include: Lemon, White Chocolate, French Vanilla with custard filling, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Chocolate with Raspberry Filling

Pie Bite Bar-$8 per person (Choose 3 flavors)
Flavors: Peanut Butter, Cappuccino, Andes Mint, Chocolate Silk, Lemon Silk

Cheesecake Bite Bar-$10 per person (Choose 3 flavors)
Flavors: Butterfinger, Cappuccino, Strawberry, Lemon, White Chocolate, Raspberry

Chocolate Dipped Fruits & Variety Bar-$12 per person
Variety of seasonal fruits, pretzels, marshmallows, candies and nuts.